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Why Choose WinShine Paper Cup Making Machine

WinShine paper cup forming machine has 2 main specs:

  • WS-M medium paper cup forming machine
  • WS-P low-speed paper cup forming machine

Both of them can achieve waterproof, oil-proof and heat-sealable characteristics during the manufacturing process. It is key to making high-quality paper cups.

How Paper Cup Machine Operate?

The structure of the entire paper cup can probably be It is divided into two parts, one is the cup body, the other is the cup bottom, the production paper roll of the cup bottom, there will be a die-cutting mold under the machine, its function is to punch our entire cup piece like this cup bottom The shape is similar to cutting. After cutting, it is formed into a shape and combined with the cup body. The cup body is processed and cut by the WS-P850 high-speed multi-die paper forming machine to become a fan. Put it into the paper feeding area and stack it into paper. The paper cup forming machine will absorb one by one and send it to the cup body forming block. The paper cup forming machine uses an ultrasonic heating probe, which can be heated and clamped. Glue it into the state of the cup body, and then send it back to combine the newly made cup bottom and cup body. Of course, the process includes heating the bottom of the cup, then folding, embossing, fixing, and the part of the cup lip It will help it turn back into the general drinking state in the market.

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