1 Mold Paper pail, Carton erecting and gluing machine

       Advantage: WS-9905: 1 Mold Paper pail, Carton erecting and gluing machine

  • Introduce:Carton Erecting Machine is a special forming machine to produce burger box, one block box, food pail box(togo box),French Fires box and so on containers made by cardboard paper and corrugated paper.
  • Materials:Cardboard paper one side PE coated paper (200~600GSM),or corrugated paper with maximum thickness 1.5MM.
  • PS:Also can produce containers made by aluminum foiled paper,2PE or 1PE coated paper with hot gluing system.
  • Advantages:1.Ability of producing different products by the same machine. Shortage changing mold’s time. Easy changing mold.
    2.Controlled by PLC , HMI.
    3.Finished products are collected ,stacked , and counted automatically.
    • Food pail forming machine
    • Paper pail forming machine
    • Food container forming machine
    • Paper Pail
    • Fold-Pak
    • Takeout Box
    • Takeout containers
    • Disposable Paper Take Out Food Containers
WS-9905 Paper Tray Forming Making Machine
WS-9905 Paper Tray Forming Making Machine
Model Dimension
L W H A1 A2
WS-9905 / WS-9905S 100~450 100~580 15~200 5~40 5~40
No. WS-9905S
Production Speed (pcs/min) Servo : 80~180
Paper Material  
Sealing Method Glue Sealing
Electrical Requirement Approx. 7 kw
Compressed Air Approx. 100 ℓ/min
Machine Dimension (LxWxH cm) 370x138x150
Machine Weight (NW kgs) 2000
Mold 1
Material 200~600g/m2 cardboard
or corrugared board E/F/N flute
Paper Thickness 0.36~1.5mm

* Customized design in welcome.
* We reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

WS-9905-Carton erecting machine-Paper
Clamshell box, gluing machine, high speed,
mold changeable, power save.
from Win Shine Machinery from Taiwan on Vimeo.