Paper Food Pail Box Making Machine

WS-9902-U Ultrasonic sealing type #machine #packaging

WS 9902 youtube 20160527 paper food pail making machine for Korea, made in Taiwan 100% YouTube 360

WS 9902 W Wire Type Paper Food pail box making machine

#Paper Lunch Box Making Machine

vertical carton box folder machine

Carton Folder gluer machine

French fries box erecting machine, #paperboxmakingmachine potato box making machine#taiwan made

King size lunch box making machine #taiwan

Max production 21600pcs per hour WS 9905D Paper tray erecting machine

WS 9905D XL Lunch Box

Waterproof, Leaking proof, Eco Paper Clamshell Lunch Box Forming Machine

Original Kraft paper box forming machine

WS 1101MB 1PE&2PE paper box high speed could change mold

WS 1101MB 70pcs production high speed

our machine can make this #jolly Spaghetti box we can make 57pcs/min producing speed

our machine can make this #jolly Spaghetti box we can make 57pcs/min producing speed

WS 9905C Mechnical Molding System

WS 9905S Paper tray erecting machine sealed by cold glue

WS 9905 Canada case test run record, carton erecting machine

2019 youtube french fries box


WS 1101 PAPER LUNCH BOX Making machine

Taiwan made tray former erecting #1848 A

#Paper Plate Forming Machine

Taiwan design and Taiwan made, 9-inch paper plate, 7-inch paper plate press forming machine3302 1

Paper Pressed Tray , Plate forming machines

New high speed paper plate forming machine

WS 3300N Plate pressed machine

WS-3300N High-speed paper plate forming machines

WS 6602, paper plate making making machine in Taiwan, Win Shine Machinery for youtube YouTube 360p

WS 3302 Paper round plate forming machines to Ecuador

#Compartment Lunch Box Forming Machine

Taiwan made-Two compartment lunch box machine WS 8802

High-speed Compartment Machine, 2 side coating paper stable production. 33pcs/min. Power save.

New Five compartment lunch box forming machine

Taiwan Three Compartment Lunch Box Forming Machine

WS-9905S+2C: New function for 2 compartment tray, single lane, upgrade model, (Servo motor molding system, monitor control molding position, and stroke.)


#Paper Hamburger Box Making Machine

#1755 Big Burger Box Speed 70 cycles 140pcs per min

WS 8804D Double lanes Lunch box machine

Burger Box Machine

#1755 Small Burger Box Speed 80 cycles 160pcs per min

WS 8804, thicker paper board burger box forming machine


#1929B Burger box Upgrade mold system max120cy

#1930B burger box 140 200pcs per min

WS 8804D 2 lanes Lunch box machine

F-flute /E-flute/N-flute corrugated paper board

Carton Flute board erecting burger boxes machines/F flute/G flute burger box, max speed 6000pcs/hr

Flute paper board Burger box 9905S test run video#1791A#1791B

Burger box gluing machine

WS 8804#1231 Corrugated carton hamburger box machine made in Taiwan, Win Shine

#Fresh Box Forming Machine
#Paper Bowl Forming Machine

Taiwan New Type Paper Bowl Forming Machine

#Paper cup machine

WS PCA Auto counting and collecting Coffee cup 10oz

WS MCA youtube 20160511 paper cup machine for Egypt, made in Taiwan 100% YouTube 360p

WS PCC Standard collection Jakarta paper bowl 800ml

Paper coffee cup making machine

2018 WS PCC test run video Indonesiag

Paper cup forming machine made in Taiwan

#Paper punching machine

WS 9905S Taiwan made high light introduction

201903#1148 WS 3301S Paper plate machine after maintain Machine's age of 4 years

WS-6602, paper round plate forming machine



WS 8801 two compartment lunch box forming machine 2018

Die cutting machine Standard auto type Semi auto type

Paper plate forming machine2

WS PCA Paper cup making machine, made in Taiwan

About Win Shine Paper lunch box machinery since 1990

WS 1101MA,High Speed Full auto Lunch box making machine in Taiwan Win Shine A

Paper plate forming machine WS 6602/3301

LunchBox FoldRoll WS 1109G

WS-8809N Four compartment-бумага коробка для завтрака машины для изготовления

WS PCC оборудование для производства бумажных стаканчиков

Win Shine's video,paper tray making machines