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Win Shine Machinery Co., Ltd. is a paper container making machine manufacturer with years of vast experience and expertise. Paper Box making machines we provide have a wide range such as paper lunch box machine, paper bowl making machine, and more. Feel free to contact Win Shine for more premium disposable paper container making machines!

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Two Point of Cover Sealing Design 1 Compartment Lunch Box Forming Machine

Production Speed: max 30 pcs/min
Machine Dimension: 290 (L) x 123 (W) x 240 (H) cm


WS-9905 / WS-9905D

1 Mold / 2 Mold Paper Pail / Hamburg Box

Production Speed: max. 180 pcs/min (WS-9905)
360 pcs/min (WS-9905D)
Machine Dimension: 370 (L) x 138 (W) x 150 (H) cm



High Speed & Save Power Design
One Operator for two sets.

1-mold 3-5 Compartment
Lunch Box Forming Machine

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